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Footed pajamas from the footed pajamas specialist - the all in one comapny

The All-in-One Company was started by Kate Dawson in October 2008 after she was unable to find sleepsuits for her own children on the High Street. Hugely successful the company is now making all-in-ones for people of all ages and sizes all over the world.

Our aim is to bring warmth, fun and happiness into your life in a luxurious and functional way.

We have designed an all-in-one for men, women and children of all ages and sizes which incorporate the following features;

Warm to save on your heating costs

Comfortable and fun

Safe - Conform to BS standards

Our 'Create your Own' all-in-ones are unique in that you can choose different fabric colours for the body panels, sleeves and the add-ons such as hoods, pockets, feet or mittens from our huge ever changing range, to make your very own special all-in-one that no one else will have.

Professionally designed

In conjunction with a team of professional designers we have designed our all-in-ones with a lot of thought and attention to detail. We use soft antipil fleece fabric and cotton jersey with ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles to add to the comfort, front or back, standard or full length zip fastenings can be fitted, which ever you prefer. We can embroider so that you can personalize your all-in-one with your name or initials or football club name, an image or both. We have designed a main pocket for added snuggle comfort and an I-Poc-It for your iPod or mobile phone to make them even more functional.